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Curaprox – adding color to your life for over 40 years!


Exceptional injection moulding technology made in Switzerland - This is Curaplast, with a unique product portfolio for your oral health.

Latest technology

Our highly qualified staff are keen to blaze new trails in production processes and materials.


Curaplast AG is part of the globally active Curaden AG, based in Kriens. They develop and manufacture products for the dental brand Curaprox for Curaden AG. Eight employees work in Degersheim (SG). Curaden AG employs over 300 employees in more than 60 countries, generating a turnover of 150 million Swiss francs.

When it comes to dental medicine, the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label is important for sales success on the global market. Sales have been increasing for years: in 2015, almost 30 million toothbrushes were sold worldwide. For Curaden AG, founding Curaplast AG is a milestone in its history of more than 50 years: the company is now not only a trader, but also a producer.

Services with added value

The family-run Paul Schindler AG company set up an in-house production facility in 2015, so that their growing demand was not entirely dependent on the Ebnat brush factory. Over ten million Swiss francs have been invested in the purchase of land and buildings, and in a completely new production plant. 12 million toothbrushes can currently be produced annually, using the latest technologies. With three shifts and two further employees, production of over 30 million would be possible.


We consistently focus on the market’s growing demands, particularly in technologies for:

  • Injection moulding of thermoplastics
  • Thermoform packaging
  • Embossing techniques
  • Bristle techniques
  • Packaging and logistics

Quality standards

We set the bar very high with our quality standards, always considering:

  • Defined and monitored processes (GMP)
  • In-process tests and lot releases
  • 100% product tracking

Product Developement

A one-stop shop from idea to market launch. Curaplast knows what innovations will be particularly well-received on the market:

  • New product development
  • Prototype production

Ourwork processes in 3 steps

Taking many details into account, our processes can be explained in the following steps:

Injection moulding

Creating polypropylene mouldings with integrated silver foil hot stamping, using modern machinery


Inserting bristles, which are then cut, rounded and given a final cleaning


Putting on the protective cap, thermoform blister packaging and final sealing

Curaplast facts and figures

After an investment of over 10 million Swiss francs, more than 12 million toothbrushes now can be produced annually!

  • 100% production for Curaprox
  • 8 employees
  • 1,000 m2 production area
  • 3,700 m2 land
  • 10 to 14 million units manufactured

A highly qualified team addresses the growing number of challenges on a daily basis

The most up-to-date logistics processes ensure the highest quality, efficiency and scalable growth.

Glatthaldestrasse 18
CH-9230 Flawil
Phone: +41 41 267 67 00
Email: info@curaplast.ch
Steuer Nr: CHE-105.094.658

Curaden AG dates back to Hans Breitschmid’s dental company, founded in 1954. His son Ueli joined the business in 1965 and began to develop the oral health brand Curaprox from 1972. The brand is now active in over 60 countries.

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Curaden AG is based in Kriens, Lucerne, and employs over 150 people in Basel, Crissier, Dietikon, Kriens and Riazzino. Curaden AG sees the future in digital practice with a business model focussing on prevention.